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  • As per this policy, the bishop shall be the greatest champion of the child's rights and protection;
  • The Vicar General (V.G) shall be second to the bishop;
  • The guardian coordinator of the child's protection who will be responsible for all aspects of child protection in the diocese;
  • Child Protection Committee (CPC) ;
  • The child protection coordinator will provide guidance for each parish, institutions and communities on getting a child protection representative;
  • There shall be a Child Protection Committee for each parish that will be created by the Child Protection Coordinator assisted and advised by the Parish priest and the child protection representative; and
  • The formulation of the Child Protection Committee for the parish level will take into account the local residents (institutions, Small Christian Communities, formation centers, orphanage centers etc.)

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Fr. Emil Kindole

Child Protection Coordinator

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I am an IT Expert. I do consultation for various IT services like Information Technology training for non techies and providing software solutions to different institution and individuals to help them reach their goals.

Jackson Mwankenja ICT Officer

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Jhone Doe Web Developer

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Ada Lovelence Ux/Ui Designer

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Set of instructions in question and answer format, on the meaning of the policy, the general meaning of the child protection policy of Iringa, vision, mission and goals/objectives.

Yes, Child Protection Office Diocese of Iringa have the policy that guide coordinator of child protection to conduct his activities. 

It is the procedure of running a matter to meet the needs of the government, the party, religion, organization or institution in general..

It is a guideline set by Iringa Diocese to be used always as a guide in the general issue of raising, protecting and teaching the child spiritually and physically.

Child Protection and Transformation in a Godly atmosphere, Our Way.

To proactively and responsively protect as well as provide care to our Children through sensitive investigation and appropriate action, love, advocacy, education and rehabilitation allowing them to reach their full potential in a safe nurturing environment.

  • To bring up and protect the child spiritually and physically;
  • To build a society that recognizes God as the ultimate hope;
  • To recognize, love, respect and protect human life from conception to the age of 18;
  • To appreciate and improve the child education environment based on age and times;
  • To manage and protect the rights of the child; and To educate the community especially parents on child protection and upbringing.

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